Saint Louis Stamp Expo

Exhibits 2017

Exh #Begin Frame# FramesTitle and Description
1 1-5 5 Refused Mail of Switzerland
The evolution of marking refused Swiss mail before and after the UPU Congress of 1891.
2 6-10 5 Chefoo Local Post Office, China 1893-96
Exhibit aims to show that there was an actual demand and need for the stamps and services of Chefoo local post by foreign residents.
3 11-16 6 The 1924 Eagle in Wreath Issue: The First Gold Currency Stamps of Poland
Traditional exhibit with essays, proofs, production and use of the issue. Many new discoveries and errors are presented.
4 17-19 3 Holiday Greetings from your Swiss Post Office
An exhibit of cards with stamps issued annually by PTT/Swiss Post to all clientelle. Modifications noted through the years since first issued in 1965.
5 20-28 9 The Ten-Cent Steel Plate Issues of the Confederate States of America -- 1863-1865
The story of the CSA's key definitive issues their production, varieties, cancellations and postal history including examples of all major uses, and special examples of important adversity uses in critical wartime conditions.
6 29-38 10 Use of U.S. Parcel Post Stamps 1913-1926
Highlights the uses of the 17 specific Parcel Post and Dues stamps and the new Parcel Post service.
7 39-48 10 The Berlin Pneumatic Post (Rohrpost) 1876-1945
Shows the development and operation of the Berlin Pneumatic mail system from its inception in December 1876 until April 1945.
8 49-58 10 Development of Swiss Airmail up to 1939
Development from the first Swiss flown mail in 1913 to 1939, when WWII shut it down.
9 59-68 10 Switzerland Engineering & Landscapes Definitive Issue of 1949
This workhorse definitive issue was in use in Switzerland throughout the 1950s.
10 69-76 8 The U.S. 1948 Stone Stamp and Its First-Day Covers
Traditional exhibit: creation of stamp, designs of first-day cachets, and later uses of stamps.
11 77-81 5 Test Drops During the Graf Zeppelin Flights Over Switzerland 1929
Demonstrates the wide variety of the cancellations from the drop cities and the different types of frankings there were supplied on the mail dropped by the Graf Zeppelin over Switzerland in 1929.
11A 82 1 Swiss Classic-the light blue Rayon
12 83-84 2 The American Library Association and World War I
This Display exhibit tells the story of the Library War Service of the American Library Association in World War I.
13 85-92 8 The Airships of 'The Foolish Count'
This is the story of a crazy old man's dream of developing a rigid and steerable airship which would "carry personnel, cargo or explosive shells."
14 93-97 5 Monaco: The Prince and the Movie Goddess
The development, issuance, first day covers and unusual commercial uses of the 1956 Royal Wedding issue of Monaco. Includes all known/recorded cachets on first day covers -- some of them are also commercial non-cacheted FDCs.
15 98-100 3 The League of Nations - The War Years
This postal history exhibit is a study of the rates, routes, markings, and significant events that caused turmoil with mail sent from and to the League of Nations just prior to, during, and directly following World War 2.
16 101-105 5 Pioneer Steamers of the North Atlantic 1838 to 1840
Illustrate with philatelic items, the competition to prove feasibility of steam vessels on the North Atlantic
17 106-108 3 Campione D'Italia - A Geographic Anomaly
The story and usages of the 1944 stamp issues of Campione, an Italian village cutoff and surrounded by Switzerland during World War II.
18 109 1 Swiss Volunteers during WWII
Tells the story of the approximate 1000 Swiss volunteers that fought during WWII.
18 110-115 6 Hyperinflation in Germany in November 1923
In November 1923, at the height of hyperinflation, the exchange rate between the dollar and the mark was one trillion marks to one dollar.
20 116 1 Marian Anderson Tribute
The life and legacy of Marian Anderson: an American contralto, and one of the most celebrated singers of the twentieth century.
21 117-122 6 SCADTA mail from and to Switzerland
Mail carriage by SCADTA was not a government service until 1932, so SCADTA's own stamps were needed on mail.
22 123 1 Lost Almost: Los Alamos, NM, Post Office and WWII
Exhibit traces tortured history of Los Alamos Post Office, from establishment as seasonal (Otowi), name change, Manhattan Project 'secret city' and permanent office in 1947.
23 124-129 6 Switzerland Registered Mail 1785-1863
Shows a wide variety of different Registration markings in Switzerland from prephilately thru their classic Federal stamp period.
24 130 1 The St. Louis Proprietary Provisionals of July, 1898 and the Companies That Used Them
This exhibit shows provisional revenue stamps used by ten Saint Louis companies in July, 1898 and related stamps and ephemera.
25 131-136 6 America's Membership Libraries 1731-1920
This Display exhibit tells the story of libraries in America called Membership Libraries during the period of 1731-1920.
26 137 1 St. Louis Pioneer Airmail, Oct 4-8, 1911
A look at the markings and usages of mail posted during the Pioneer Airmail Event in 1911.
27 138-141 4 Samos 1878-1915
This exhibit will give complete coverage to all postal material produced by Samos from 1878 to 1915 before it became a 'dead' country.
28 142-143 2 The Swiss Pro Juventutes - Beyond the Printed Album Page
Possible paths to persue after you've filled all the spaces in your stamp album.
29 144 1 Flown Mail on U.S.S. Shenandoah
Mail carried on America's first giant rigid airship.
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