Saint Louis Stamp Expo

Dealers Bourse 2018

Saint Louis Stamp Expo welcomes these dealers to our bourse in 2018. Website links and emails are provided where known.

Denny Peoples Indianapolis, IN Booth: 1
U.S. Covers, Postcards, Revenues, Cinderellas
Newport Harbor Stamp Co. David Cobb Newport Beach, CA Booth: 2
Web: NA
US Classics, Plate Blocks, Errors
SLBF Stamps Bill Raible High Ridge, MO Booth: 3
Web: NA
World A-Z, U.S., Used/td>
Hank Bieniecki Hank Bieniecki IL Booth: 4
Mountainside Stamps & Coins Thomas Jacks Mountainside, NJ Booth: 5
Stamps of the United States, British Commonwealth, Asia & Europe
D&P Stamps Donald Peploe Chula Vista, CA Booth: 6-7
Portugal & Cols, France & Cols, Italy & Cols, Latin America, Worldwide
Tiger Collectibles Scott Couch Kansas City, MO Booth: 8
Web: NA
US Stamps #1 to Current, Postal History and Postcards
Gene Stewart Stamp Co. Gene Stewart St Louis, MO Booth: 9
Web: NA
Germany & Worldwide - Stamps/Covers/Postcards
Ringold Stamp Co. Saint Louis, MO Booth: 10
Website: NA
German Zeppelins and early aviation, Cinderella, Postal History, Literature, Memorabilia
Kurt Schau Petaluma, CA Booth: 11
Website: NA
Specialized British Empire
Jerry Palazolo Jerry Palazolo Memphis, TN Booth: 12
Web: NA
U.S. & Confederate Postal History
Stamp Smith Dale Smith Kansas City, MO Booth: 13
Web: NA
Topicals, Worldwide & U.S. Stamps & Covers
Labron Harris Labron Harris Glen Echo, MD Booth: 14
Web: NA
United States & Worldwide Postal History
R. Schneider Stamps Ralph Schneider Belleville, IL Booth: 15
Austrian and German-Related Areas
Gutter Pairs Carson City, NV Booth: 16
Web: NA
Stanley M. Piller & Associates Stanley Piller Alamo, CA Booth: 17
Classic U.S. Stamps, Postal History, Confederate, Hawaii
George Enstrom, Ltd. George Enstrom Byron, IL Booth: 18
Web: NA
USA #1-669, B.O.B: C's - PR's
Worldwide Covers/Picture Postcard Center Jim Johnson Burlington, NC Booth: 19
HB Philatelics Guy Gasser Florissant, MO Booth: 20
Quality US, Graded, Proofs & Essays, Federal & State Duck Stamps
Eric Jackson Eric Jackson Leesport, PA Booth: 21
US Revenues, Tax Paids, State Revenues, Telegraph Stamps, Canada Revenues & Telegraph Stamps
Crown Colony Stamps Larry Martin Bellaire, TX Booth: 22
British Commonwealth
Richard Friedberg Richard Friedberg Meadville, PA Booth: 23
US Revenue & Telegraph Stamps, Pre-1940 US mint & used
Fred Boatwright Frederic Boatwright Hawk Point, MO Booth: 24
Web: NA
U.S. & Worldwide Postal History, Germany, Airmails, Zeppelins
Oklahoma Stamps Kirk McKenzie Tulsa, OK Booth: 25
Web: NA
US Postcards, Plate Blocks, Fancy Cancels
A to Z Stamps Michael Ball Tempe, AZ Booth: 26-27
Worldwide, U.S.A. Comprehensive
ETRADEGOODS Carmel, IN Booth: 28
Website: NA
Europe & Latin America
Fairwinds Paul Huber Beaufort, NC Booth: 29
Web: NA
Postal History, Postcards, Naval Covers
Dutch Country Auctions Russell Eggert Wilmington, DE Booth: 30
Buy, Sell and Auction of Collectible Stamps
Three Trails Stamps Jeannine Offut Independece, MO Booth: 31
Web: NA
Postal History
RASLAD Enterprises Lynn Davidson-Stroh Gallup, NM Booth: 32
Web: NA
Dead' Countries, Italian Colonies, U.S. Match & Medicine, Postal History, pre-1940 Worldwide Stamps
Collectors Stamp Exchange Saint Louis, MO Booth: 33
Web: NA
Stamps and Coins
Black Cat Philatelics Tulsa, OK Booth: 34
Web: NA
Stamps and Covers, NY Country and Topicals
Dave & Joni Allego David Allego Salem, OH Booth: 35
Web: NA
Worldwide Stamps & Covers, Picture Postcards, Cinderellas, Ephemera
David Grossblat David Grossblat Phoenix, AZ Booth: 36
Web: NA
US & Worldwide Covers and Postal History
VJ. Randall Shoemaker Melbourne, FL Booth: 37
Philatelic Stamp Authenication and Grading, PSAG
Smyths Stamp Shop Onalaska, WI Booth: 38-39
Web: NA
Stamps from Around the World
The Rail Philatelist Al Peterson Colorado Springs, CO Booth: 40
Railroad Stamps, Covers, Postcards, Ephemera
Bardo Stamps James Bardo Buffalo Grove, IL Booth: 41
USA #1 to Date
Worldwide Philatelics Damian Johnson Kansas City, MO Booth: 42-43
U.S. & Worldwide Stamps & Covers
Coins, Stamps 'N' Stuff Jerry & Barbara Koepp Des Moines, IA Booth: 44-45
Web: NA
Rasdale Auctions Westmont, IL Booth: 46-47
Auctions, Collections, Appraisals
Stamps Center of Texas Boerne, TX Booth: 48-49
Web: NA
World Stamps & Postal Pistory, Souvenir Sheets
The Classic Philatelist Warren Manning Crossville, TN Booth: 50-51
Web: NA
U.S. Classic Postage Stamps 1840-1940; U.S. BOB
Double J Stamps Jeffrey Fishman Arlington Heights, IL Booth: 52-53
Web: NA
USA & Worldwide Sets & Singles, Supplies
Hunt & Co. Brian Hunt Austin, TX Booth: 54
US & Worldwide, Web Auctions
James F. Taff James Taff Sacramento, CA Booth: 55
Confederate States, German areas, Worldwide, United States
Main Street Philatelics Seymour Bernstein Branson, MO Booth: 56-57
U.S. Stamps, Postal History, Worldwide Stamps, Box Lots & Collections

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